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Accessibility Professionals Inc. specializes in providing industry leading products for making bathrooms, kitchens, homes and businesses accessible and easier to use for people with physical disabilities as well as individuals of all abilities.

The Accessibility Professionals team has helped many people and organizations transform their homes, workplaces and public facilities, making them easier to use. In addition to our online resources, our knowledgeable staff members are available to assist homeowners, architects, designers, contractors, caregivers and anyone else who has an interest in accessibility solutions for bathrooms, kitchens and homes.

One of the major challenges we have aging in place is that our own homes are often not designed to deal with our changing needs. As we get older climbing stairs and opening doors becomes more difficult and kitchens, bathrooms and bathtubs aren't as easy to use.

The longer a person can age at home, the better their overall health and wellbeing will be. Having safe access to and from their home, and being able to utilize their kitchen space independently, gives seniors and those living with a disability the freedom to live as well as they can, for as long as possible.

Freedom Lift Systems are engineered to meet the needs of aging individuals and to provide a safe and independent living space. 

Our organization is committed to providing accessible and equitable customer service to each and every one of our diverse and valued customers.

We encourage you to explore the wealth of information provided on our website and use it to live safely, comfortably and independently. Please don't hesitate to call us for assistance. 1-877-947-7769