Approach Wall Cabinet Lift

Price: US$1,885.00 US$1,588.00
2-3 weeks manufacturing time What are lead times?

Product Overview

The kitchen can be a difficult room to maneuver if you are in a wheelchair. The Approach Kitchen Cabinet lift will help make the upper cabinets accessible to everyone, by bringing the contents to the counter level. To make your life easier and improve your quality of life, the kitchen cabinet lift systems are easy to install on new or existing kitchen cabinets.

The Best Approach for a Handicapped Accessible Kitchen

The Approach™ wall cabinet lifts contains a button that controls the adjusted height of the kitchen cabinet. To ensure safety an automatic shut-off prevents the motorized cabinet lifts from crushing items if it comes into contact with any obstruction. Adding handicapped accessible kitchen cabinets to your home using Freedom Lift Systems allows for physically disabled people to maximize their independence.


  • 20” of vertical movement
  • 300lb weight capacity
  • Plug into GFCI protected 110V outlet
  • Safety shutoff platen 
  • Works with cabinets that are 30”-48” wide


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