Granberg Butler Electric Wardrobe lift

Butler Wardrobe Lift for 23.75"-35.4" (60-90 cm)

Price: US$3,345.00 US$2,375.00
Model #:  720-06063
Granberg Interior AB

Product Overview

The Butler Electric Wardrobe Lift lowers clothes outside the wardrobe, within comfortable reach of a person seated in a wheelchair. Wheelchair accessible closets make daily tasks easy, like getting dressed or ready to go out.

Butler Closet Lifts Are Flexible and Functional

This closet lift model is adjustable to fit between 24”-35.4”. The motor driven coat lift takes up very little space and is easy to install.


  • Travels 2”/second
  • Max load: 66lbs
  • Motor drive, continuously adjustable
  • Steel parts in chrome finish
  • Compact design
  • Hand held remote control operation
  • Built in anti-collision safety
  • Closet lifts are made by Granberg in Sweden. 


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Product Specification Sheet (PDF) 25/01/2017 449.51KB Download
Installation (PDF) 25/01/2017 6.79MB Download


Butler Closet Lift