SlimLift 6230 Adjustable Countertops 45"-69"

SlimLift 6230 Adjustable Countertops 45"-69"

Model: 6230_SLIMLIFT_45-69

From US$2,588.00

Model: 6230_SLIMLIFT_45-69

Product Highlights:

  • Motor driven
  • 45"-69" width
  • 330lbs Weight capacity
  • Separate "up" and "down" control buttons

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Slimlift 6230 Adjustable height counter lifts for countertops are designed to provide individuals in wheelchairs access to countertops and workspaces in their home. The kitchen is the most utilized room in the home and should be properly equipped to accommodate all family members.

Meet Mobility Requirements With a Slimlift Adjustable Counter

The Slimlift adjustable height counters adjusts the height of a work surface or desktop to meet multiple needs. SlimLift ADA kitchen counters can move up or down with the push of a button. They mount to the floor and the wall for added stability, and can be used for a counter or desktop. For those with a physical disability kitchen tasks can be extremely difficult and possibly unsafe. Combine adjustable countertops with the cabinet lifts to create wheelchair accessible kitchens to make daily tasks easy and safe for everyone.

Various sizes are available. This page features lifts for counters between 45.3”-68.9”


  • Motor driven
  • Speed .7”/second
  • Weight capacity: 330lbs
  • Separate "up" and "down" control buttons
  • Accessible kitchen lifts are made by Granberg in Sweden.

Required add ons:

  • Slimlift Trip Protection, with connection kit and fixings, to avoid crushing


  • Motor cover panels
  • Stroke limiter and memory adaptor
  • Floor plate
  • Front fittings to add broder trim


Product Specification Sheet (PDF) 19/05/2017 859.47KB
Installation (PDF) 19/05/2017 1008.95KB
Brochure (PDF) 19/05/2017 868.22KB


SlimLift 6230

SlimLift 6230 Adjustable Height Counter Lift in action