BaseLift 6200 Counter Top Lifts 98.42"

BaseLift 6200 Counter Top Lifts 98.42"

Model: 6200-25001

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Model: 6200-25001

Product Highlights:

  • 98.42" wide lift
  • Motor driven
  • Weight capacity: 220lbs
  • Separate "up" and "down" control buttons

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The BaseLift Adjustable Height Counter Lifts adjust the height of the work surface on a straight wall and allows installation of an inset sink, stovetop and drawers. Adjustable countertops make the kitchen an easier place to use for individuals in wheelchairs, taller adults and people of smaller stature.

Optimal Counter Height With The Push of a Button

When modifying your kitchen or designing handicapped accessible kitchens, it’s important to consider all of the tasks that a user will need to do from a seated position in a wheelchair. The BaseLift Adjustable height counter lifts move the work surface to the optimal height with the push of a button. ADA kitchen counter lifts, made by Granberg in Sweden, have safety strips to stop movement when in contact with any obstruction.

For unique configurations, corner counters, larger or custom kitchen designs, contact a Customer Service Representative to discuss how our lifts can work in your whole kitchen design. 

Counter Lift Features:

  • 98.42" Wide Lift
  • Motor driven
  • Speed .6”/second
  • Weight capacity: 220lbs
  • Separate "up" and "down" control buttons


  • Motor cover panels and fitting kits
  • Extendable Drawers, 4 sizes available
  • Pull out cutting board with drawer
  • Stroke limiter and memory adaptor
  • Cutlery tray
  • ADA undermount sink
  • Flexible drain hose (call us for details)


Product Specification (PDF) 19/05/2017 916.8KB
Installation (PDF) 19/05/2017 7.65MB
Brochure (PDF) 19/05/2017 868.22KB


Baselift 6200 by Granberg Interior AB - Sweden

BASELIFT 6200 is a wall mounted worktop lift with great flexibility to be adapted for different needs. The equipment in the work surface is selected according to the function desired. Sink unit, hob, drawers, chopping boards etc. can be integrated in the work surface.