Diago Wall Cabinet Lifts for 35 ¼" Width

Diago Wall Cabinet Lifts for 35 ¼" Width

Model: 504-09001

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Model: 504-09001

Product Highlights:

  • For 35 ¼" wide cabinet
  • Motor driven
  • Safety trip panel on bottom
  • Frame lowers down and forward

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Diago Kitchen Cabinet Lifts for ADA handicapped accessible kitchens are electronically operated to lift and lower cabinets. Installing the ADA kitchen cabinet lift system utilizes more storage space for wheelchair users, so they can access more areas of the kitchen. Bringing the cabinets down and forward in an arc shaped motion, the Diago wall cabinet lift is a great option to create handicapped accessible kitchen cabinets.

Lift And Lower With Diago Kitchen Cabinet Lifts

Available in a wide range of sizes, the motorized cabinet lifts can be installed on the back of existing or new cabinets. It is also important that kitchen cabinets for handicapped accessibility are safe to use, and the Diago lifts are equipped with a reliable safety system to avoid crushing anything on the counter. At Freedom Lift Systems we understand the importance of mobility around the kitchen, afterall, it is the busiest room in your house.


  • For 35 ¼" wide cabinets
  • Motor driven
  • Speed .7”/second
  • Weight capacity: 330lbs 
  • 2 x 17.7" Safety trip panel on bottom
  • Adjustable depth in all four corners allows compensation for slanting walls
  • Frame lowers down and forward
  • Cabinet lift systems are made by Granberg in Sweden. 


Product Specification Sheet pdf 19/05/2017 240.39KB
Installation pdf 19/05/2017 1.04MB


Freedom Wall Cabinet Lift

The Freedom Diagonal Cabinet Lift lowers the cabinet in a curved movement down to the work surface below. The system works with both new and existing cabinets.

Diago 504 by Granberg Interior AB Sweden

DIAGO 504 is an electrically operated lifting and lowering system for installation of new or existing wall cabinets. The lift is a diagonal lift which lowers the cabinet down and forward in an arc-shaped motion to the front edge of the working area. The movement can be stopped at an optional height.